Scout and Kit Summer Reading Club

Scout, Kit and Moon would like to invite all kids (ages 2-8) to join their Virtual Summer Reading Club! Participants will gain access to a community message board where they can post what stories they are reading and their comments about each book. This is a great way to motivate kids to read this summer! Kids can read reviews by other kids and decide on which books they would also like to read. Since libraries are closed, participants are encouraged to read books that they have at home and watch read-aloud stories that are available on the internet (parental guidance recommended). As a reading community, we will keep track of how many books we have read over the summer. Let’s see how many books we can read together!

Summer Reading Club launches on Monday, July 6 and goes until the end of August. The forum is free to join and Members ($5.00) will receive a package in the mail from Heather Androsoff, the author of “Scout and Kit Become Friends,” at the end of the program.

Book Forum

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