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Scout and Kit Become Friends

This is a tale of a young bear named Scout and a squirrel named Kit. Scout is feeling bored and is looking for something to do. Luckily, the friendly Kit walks by. With the help of Moon the owl, a new bond forms between two young friends.

Scout and Kit Become Friends is a great learning tool for children as they meet new people and make new friends. Caregivers and educators will enjoy using this story as a resource in classrooms and homes. Children will benefit knowing that it’s okay to feel nervous, anxious, shy, or uncomfortable in new social situations, and that these feelings can be overcome with the help of strategies, supportive mentors, and practice.

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Official Book Launch

An interview with children’s author Heather Androsoff on her first children’s story, “Scout and Kit Become Friends,” and the creation of her new business,

Author Heather Androsoff

Heather Androsoff

Heather Androsoff was born and raised in Burnaby, British Columbia. She is an elementary school teacher and
has taught Kindergarten for the past 12 years. Heather has a Bachelor of Education from Simon Fraser University and a Master’s in Early Childhood Education from the University of British Columbia.

Heather’s books support children as they develop skills that will serve as their social foundation. In Scout and Kit Become Friends, the characters experience a range of feelings for readers to notice and interpret. The characters are specifically designed to be universally approachable and easy for children to relate to or identify with. Drawing instructions for the characters of Scout and Kit are provided to invite children to interact with the characters and to bring their own ideas and stories to life.

Heather is passionate about creating inclusive spaces that give children the opportunity to form meaningful connections with others. Scout and Kit Become Friends is designed to help early learners sharpen their interactive social tools as they develop new friendships and relationships. The gender-neutral presentation of the characters alongside their inherent differences allows for conversations which centre around diversity, acceptance, cooperation, and empathy.

By coupling easy-to-identify pop culture trends with modern social graces, Heather highlights the importance of children developing confidence in their ability to communicate with others in today’s heterogeneous communities.

Throughout her career, Heather has written nearly 100 different social stories to aid in the positive advancement of various social, emotional, and life skills for children. The resources available through Social Stories 4 Kids are great tools for teachers, parents, and caregivers to use both at school and at home.

Social Stories for Kids

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Scout and Kit Summer Reading Club
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Scout, Kit and Moon would like to invite all kids (ages 2-8) to join their Virtual Summer Reading Club! Participants will gain access to a community message board where they can post what stories they are reading and their comments about each book. This is a great way to motivate kids to read this summer! Kids can read reviews by other kids and decide on which books they would also like to read. Since libraries are closed, participants are encouraged to read books that they have at home and watch read-aloud stories that are available on the internet (parental guidance recommended). As a reading community, we will keep track of how many books we have read over the summer. Let’s see how many books we can read together!

Summer Reading Club launches on Monday, July 6 and goes until the end of August. The forum is free to join and Members ($5.00) will receive a package in the mail from Heather Androsoff, the author of “Scout and Kit Become Friends,” at the end of the program.